- Motion Picture Books -

Bringing to life thousands of fantastic stories - for a 21st century audience



Bring authors, studios and financiers together, with the aim of starting Production of, 

100 new - Motion Picture Books - per year

Along similar lines to that of the Academy of Motion Pictures, the MOOK ACADEMY has been established to,


  1. Further develop the artistic and technological methodologies of Motion Picture Book production,

  2. Bring together Motion Picture Book Authors & Producers with potential financiers and investors,

  3. Stimulate authors around the world to investigate the possibilities of turning their beloved books and short stories into Motion Picture Books

  4. Conduct training courses on all aspects of Motion Picture Book Production and Distribution.

  5. Expand global awareness of the social and economic benefits, Motion Picture Books can deliver to communities.

  6. Work with Member Governments on introducing Motion Picture Books into their education system

  7. Work with Member Governments on further developing innovation and inventiveness skills within their younger generation, utilizing Motion Picture Books

  8. Work with Member Governments and their local animation industries to reproduce their culturally important stories, etc. into Motion Picture Books.

  9. Bring to life hundreds of world renowned books and short stories which are now in the public domain as Motion Picture Books.

  10. Organize and stage the yearly, Motion Picture Book Awards Program  for Academy Members.

This 2 minute video explains exactly what is a Motion Picture e-Book. To view a finished Motion Picture e-Book click here.

To best experience the e-Book, it should be viewed on a smartphone.


"Like it or not, the future of motion pictures is the internet and social media.  Costly cinema complexes, will very quickly be replaced by an ever growing number of streaming video providers like Netflix. Motion Picture Books is one of the latest, and least costly, movie making genres, which will allow thousands if not millions of great books to be produced as motion pictures and streamed.

 Our world is changing, presenting exciting new opportunities for authors, and writers to dramatically increase their fan base, and incomes.

Millions said Amazon, and Kindle, would never take off.  Now they are the world leaders. Motion Picture Books are most definitely the future, for authors and writers who understand they must move with the times and market demand."


Mr. Paul Phillips


MOOK Academy


There are 3 Membership types within the MOOK Academy





Which are open to all Individuals, Corporations, Associations, Educational Institutions & Government Departments involved in any sector of Motion Picture Book production, distribution, education or financing.


For example, authors, writers, animators, freelancers, narrators, actors, directors, teachers, technicians, broadcasters, producers, financiers, studios, Investors, social media, etc.

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